A thriving Shreveport


A thriving Shreveport

It will be my priority to bring jobs to Shreveport—and to make sure they stay here. I want to improve infrastructure so that our airport can properly support our region and the business it attracts. Additionally, smart upgrades to our water system and city services will create a Shreveport for today and tomorrow.

To rejuvenate our economy we must create an economic ecosystem that can sustain various types of businesses with such efforts as: 

  • Facilitating the growth of local entrepreneur's ideas and businesses by investing and promoting their models.
  • Play to our strengths by building on the medical and oil & gas industry that already exist.
  • Attract corporations looking for transportation nodes with a river and interstate that runs east-west and north-south.

None of these objectives will be met if government plaza does not work with business people. There must be public-private cooperation in Shreveport's march to a better future.